The “Willingdon Place Buy a Piece of History” Auction is open to all members of the public in Canada. International buyers should contact us before bidding.

All bids will be kept in strict confidence. Winning bidders will be notified after close of auction for confirmation of payment method.

Current high bids will be posted within 4 hours of receipt of bid.

Should a second bid of greater value be received before the ‘current high bid’ is posted, the lower bidder will be notified as soon as possible.

No new ‘current high bid’ updates will be posted on the last day of the auction.

We will accept new bids until midnight on the last day of the auction.

We will post/announce the winning bid the August 1st, 2009.

If reserves are not met, items will not be sold at this time and we probably won’t be able to afford new curbs for Willingdon Place.

We reserve the right to re-list the items on this or other auctions sites should this auction not be successful.


  1. left - auction item before it was ‘harvested’

  2. right - vegetation replaces curb

  3. 3.bottom right - sidewalk cracks as this curb resists for a while